iAqua Watersports is iAqua Australia’s exclusive distributors for all iAqua products, including New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. We are a forward-thinking and innovative company that supplies the latest advancements in technology for watersports’ equipment and accessories. Our aim is to provide unique and memorable experiences on (and under!) the water to passionate and hardcore watersport enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on ongoing customer service and after-sales support!

Using innovative engineering and new technology, the iAqua Stingray’s and Shark Shields will out-perform anything else like it on the market and at an accessible price. 

iAqua Stingray’s are the newest in portable electronic underwater propulsion devices. They operates using zero emissions, and are almost silent whilst cruising, making underwater adventures highly environmentally-friendly. The iAqua Stingray is simple to manoeuvre on and under the water by using modest body movements to navigate around the ocean.

With a top speed of up to 25km/h, hold on for the ride of your life. The enhanced hand control system will give you precise in-water speed regulations with the option of six different speed levels.

The iAqua Stingray offers remarkable diving- to depths of up to 30m. The depth can be controlled and programmed prior to entering the water. The depth is adaptable to suit individual preferences and requirements. To ensure a high level of safety at all times, there is an extremely reliable cut-out feature that insures this underwater propulsion device cannot exceed the depth programmed.